Rules and Regulations

Northgate is a nice place to live. Owners and renters enjoy a safe and pleasant environment. To enhance the enjoyment of living at Northgate, it is necessary to have a common set of understandings that help us maintain that environment. The rules and regulations, under which Northgate operates, attempt to do so.

Northgate’s rules and regulations are found in the condominium documents that have been filed with the Registry of Deeds, a copy of which each owner should have received when they purchased their unit. A vote of the community is needed to make any major changes to the rules.

Each month on this page, The Board of Trustees will post and discuss the purpose and importance of a few rules, and how these rules are enforced. The Board requires that the rules be applied fairly and equally, and will mediate any disputes or concerns. It is also the Board’s hope and expectation that the Northgate community will embrace both the spirit and the letter of these rules. We will solicit your comments and suggestions pertinent to the rules under discussion.

We appreciate the community’s understanding and efforts to maintain the quality of life at Northgate.

Master Deed of the Northgate Condominium
Revised Parking Rules
Smoking Rules